Scratched or damaged your lenses and need them replaced? Even if we did not originally make your glasses, the licensed opticians at The Optical Center can analyze your present eyeglasses and duplicate your existing lenses. We can fabricate lenses for just about any frame style right here in our on-site lab.

Many single vision prescriptions can be fabricated the same day.  We can duplicate lenses for most non-prescription sunglasses as well. Want to upgrade your standard sunglass lenses to polarized? We have them and can fabricate them right in our store.

Original lens replacements are available for many of your favorite sunglass brands. We have access to Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim, and Costa replacement lenses which are available for many of their styles.

Use our lens replacement service for:

  • Scratched, broken, or damaged lenses.
  • Prescription or Non-prescription lenses mounted to a vintage or antique frame.
  • Converting your non-prescription sunglasses to prescription.
  • Converting your prescription sunglasses to non-prescription.
  • You purchased a frame elsewhere and you need lenses.
  • You had a change in prescription and you would like your lenses updated.
  • No matter what your lens replacement needs may be, prescription lenses, or non-prescription sunglasses, please visit The Optical Center.

If you have questions regarding replacement lenses for your eyewear, please CONTACT US.

For faster service please include an image of your frame or sunglasses with your inquiry.
For inquiries regarding prescription lenses please include a copy of your prescription.