With so many choices available in lens materials and design it can be quite confusing to consumers as to what their prescription lens needs may be. We are here to help.

The licensed Opticians at The Optical Center will analyze your prescription and will recommend the lenses that will best serve your visual needs and give you the vision that you expect.

We can fill from the simplest to the most complex prescriptions, and many single vision prescriptions can be fabricated the same day in our on-site finishing laboratory.

Specialty high density lens materials in combination with a quality anti-reflection product are used to reduce thickness in higher plus and minus corrections.

Free form lenses are the latest design breakthrough in progressive lens technology. These customized lenses deliver unsurpassed optical performance as compared to progressive lenses of just a few years ago. Enhanced optics and larger reading areas are the most notable improvement in these totally personalized lenses.

Today there are also many task or occupation specific specialty lenses available. One pair of glasses to cover all our working distances just might not be effective or comfortable. If you are struggling with eyestrain one of these specialty lenses may be right for you.

If you have questions about prescription lenses please CONTACT US.