One of the most overheard statements heard from new customers: “Nothing looks good on my face!”

We beg to differ! With our selection of carefully picked frames, and the not-pushy guidance of our skilled opticians, you will find the perfect fit for your wonderful face…and have fun too!

There are a multitude of frame designs, shapes and materials available today. Particularly popular right now are bolder plastic frames reminiscent of the styles from the 50’s and 60’s. Also popular, and at the other extreme, totally rimless frames with lenses attached only at the temples and bridge. These frames are available in a variety of metals like titanium and stainless steel as well as specialty plastics fabricated from high-tech materials.

Full plastic frames with a lighter color laminated on the inside have recently become a popular frame choice.

The lighter color on the inside tends to make the frame disappear from the wearer’s visual field of view, and it also adds to the esthetic appeal of the frame.

When looking for new eyeglasses please check out our ever-changing selection of quality frames. We’re sure to have multiple choices that fit your style and personality.